Beach volleyball courts in Madrid

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    Beach volleyball in Madrid

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    Madrid is known for its passionate sports fans and it is not surprising that beach volleyball is also a popular sport here. The city offers a variety of public and private sports fields where you can play beach volleyball, and there are many clubs that specialise in this sport. The courts are well maintained and offer optimal conditions for those who want to improve their skills. Madrid also has a rich history in professional beach volleyball, as the city has hosted important international competitions in the past. The sport is popular with locals and tourists alike and there are many opportunities to enjoy the sport, whether as a spectator or player. For those who want to take the sport seriously, there are also professional training programmes and coaches. Whether you want to take up the sport as a recreational activity or as a professional athlete, Madrid is a great place to experience beach volleyball in an exciting city.

    Beach Volleyball Events in Madrid

    • Madrid Beach Volley
      This was an annual beach volleyball tournament that always took place in Madrid during the summer. The tournament was open to players of all ages and skill levels and attracted many participants from the region.
    • Madrid Beach Festival
      This was an annual beach volleyball festival always held in Madrid in August. The festival featured live music, food stands and of course beach volleyball games for the whole family.
    • Madrid Beach Cup
      This was an annual beach volleyball tournament that was always held in Madrid in June. The tournament was open to professional and amateur players alike and attracted many participants from the region.

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    Famous beach volleyball players in Madrid

    • Elsa María Baquerizo McMillan (born 25 June 1987 in Madrid)

    Beach volleyball clubs in Madrid

    There are in Madrid, among others, the following beach volleyball clubs:

    • Club de Vóley Playa de Madrid
    • Club Vóley Playa Fuenlabrada
    • Club Vóley Playa Las Rozas
    • Club Vóley Playa Pozuelo
    • Club Vóley Playa Móstoles


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