The guide for beach courts in your city

If you're like us, a nice summer day gets even better with a round of beach volleyball. But where is the nearest beach volleyball court?

With BeachUp, you can easily find the perfect beach volleyball court near you. You can also filter by price and other features to discover the new court you've been looking for.

The app for all hobby and professional beach volleyball players

BeachUp is the companion for everyone who enjoys beach volleyball. You can use it to

  • discover new beach courts
  • organize your playgroups
  • find teammates in case someone in your group cancels
  • meet new sports friends


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Map to beach volleyball courts

The beach volleyball map

In the BeachUp app, you can view beach courts arranged on a map. If your favorite court is not yet listed, you can add it yourself. Our community helps to maintain the information about the beach courts, which are therefore up-to-date.

BeachUp is ideal if you feel like playing a game of beach volleyball while on vacation. It is perfect for you if you are looking for playgrounds and friends in a new city.

Create groups and plan games

You've already found the perfect spot, but you're still looking for teammates? No problem, you can also find new players or game groups in the BeachUp app.

Of course, you can also create your playgroups and manage all your play dates in the app.

This and much more awaits you in the BeachUp App:

  • Beach volleyball courts worldwide
  • Detailed court information
  • Photos and satellite images of the courts
  • Practical filters
  • Find or create teammates and playgroups
  • Overview of your game schedule


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the BeachUp app.