Time for the counterattack. Your trap was perfect, the pass placed and precise. Now it's up to you to attack and score a point. To make sure that this works, we have briefly summarized the crucial and most well-known attacking techniques for you here. In general, there are two types of attack moves – a spike and shots.


A spike in beach volleyball is similar to that in indoor volleyball because the execution is the same. It is a hard shot that is difficult to defend due to its speed. After you pass the ball, the attacking player jumps as high as possible and tries to hit the ball past the block or field players. Hit the ball as precisely as possible so that it is harder to fend it off.

Perfect timing is essential for the spike. On the one hand, the pass has to be very precise and at the right height. On the other hand, the jump has to happen at the right time to be able to play the ball with enough power. The height of the jump is also crucial and the basis for a powerful spike.


Unlike spikes, shots are not played at full power, are more precise, and better placed. The ball should be played past the block into the free zone so that the defenders cannot reach it. The execution is similar to a spike. However, you have to hit the ball less powerful and below its center. This way, it can go over the block.

On this basis, players developed different shots.

Cut shot

The first variant of the shot is the cut shot. In the cut shot, the player hits the ball at a sharp angle just behind the net. This variation is useful when you can't play past the block.

Line shot and rainbow shot

The next variations are the line shot and the rainbow shot. The execution of both variants is the same. However, they differ in the target or the direction in which you hit the ball. In the line shot, you play it along the line. In the rainbow shot, you play it diagonally. The goal of these two shots is to use the free space at the back of the field.

Poke shot

The last variant we are looking at is the poke shot or poke. The goal of the poke is to put the ball behind the net. However, it is also possible to overplay the block with this technique. In this variation, you play the ball with the knuckles. A variety of the poke is the cobra shot. The ball is not touched with the knuckles but with the fingertips of the hand. You can use this technique to play the ball above your opponents.

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