After looking at the different variations, we'll look at some hybrid forms that you can play if you want some variety, need some warm-up practice, or want to practice individual techniques.


Particularly popular in Brazil, footvolley combines elements from beach volleyball and soccer. The rules of this variant are based on the rules for beach volleyball but have a few unique features. The main difference is that in footvolley, you can only play the ball with your feet. The net height is lower than it is in beach volleyball to make attacks possible. It is 2.20 meters for men and 2.10 meters for women. To win a set, you need 18 points with a two-point advantage. Unlike in beach volleyball, however, a set is limited to a maximum of 21 points.


Another hybrid form is basket-volleyball. Here two teams with three players each play on a basketball hoop. After the third touch of the ball, it must be played onto the board or into the basket. After the ball has touched either the basket or the board, the opposing team must play the ball. You can score points by making a basket, or if the opposing team cannot play the ball after it has touched the board and it touches the ground. A fourth contact with the ball or missing the board also results in the opposing team scoring a point. Basket volleyball is mainly about training accuracy and passing the ball.

Squash volleyball

If you don't have a basketball hoop at hand but still want to try something new, squash volleyball might be right for you. All you need is a wall against which you can play. Two teams of two to three players can play this game. You can score points when the ball hits the floor. You can also score points when the ball is touched more than three times by the same team. Furthermore, you are not allowed to obstruct other players or deliberately block their running paths. In squash volleyball, in addition to the tactical approach, you train the pass and attack techniques.

Volleyball tennis

Unfortunately, this hybrid form is only possible on courses with solid ground, but it is still a lot of fun. In volleyball tennis, you play the ball over the net, but you are only allowed to take it once it has hit the ground. The goal is to play the ball into the opponent's half in such a way that he cannot trap it properly. Apart from this, all rules and techniques of beach volleyball also apply. In this hybrid form, you can mainly train forearm passes and settings, as well as improve your positional play.

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