Beach volleyball courts in Essen

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    Beach volleyball in Essen

    Beach volleyball in Essen offers some opportunities for players and fans. Lake Baldeney is a popular destination for beach volleyball players and has a public beach volleyball court as well as a club court operated by TUSEM Essen. The "Beachclub Essen" offers both indoor and outdoor courts and an extensive leisure programme with various events and parties. The annual "Essen Beach Festival" at Lake Baldeney attracts many visitors and also offers live music and a food festival. Although there are limited facilities, the enthusiasm for the game in Essen is palpable.

    Beach Volleyball Events in Essen

    • Essen Beach Volleyball Open
    • Ruhr Area Beach Volleyball Cup
    • North Rhine-Westphalia Beach Volleyball Championship
    • Essen Beach Volleyball Festival

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    Famous beach volleyball players in Essen

    • Alexander Walkenhorst (born 30 July 1988 in Essen)
    • Kira Walkenhorst (born 18 November 1990 in Essen)

    Beach volleyball clubs in Essen

    • Beach Club Essen
      This club is located in the Kettwig district and offers a total of five beach volleyball courts as well as training facilities for beginners and advanced players. The beach club also regularly organises tournaments and other beach volleyball events.
    • Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park
      This park also offers beach volleyball courts and is particularly popular with tourists and locals, as it offers beach volleyball as well as numerous other recreational activities such as hiking, cycling and inline skating.
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