Beach volleyball courts in Düsseldorf

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    Beach volleyball in Düsseldorf

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    Beach volleyball in Düsseldorf offers several options for players and fans. The Rheinpark has 12 beach volleyball courts, while Unterbacher See with its fine sandy beach is a popular destination for beach volleyball players. The annual "Düsseldorf Beach Masters" is a well-known tournament that attracts many professionals and amateurs and takes place on Burgplatz in the city centre. The beach club "Beach & Friends" offers both indoor and outdoor courts and an extensive leisure programme with various events and parties. Although there are limited facilities, there is a lively beach volleyball scene in Düsseldorf.

    Beach Volleyball Events in Düsseldorf

    • Düsseldorf Beach Volleyball Open
    • Rhine-Ruhr Beach Volleyball Cup
    • North Rhine-Westphalia Beach Volleyball Championship
    • Düsseldorf Beach Volleyball Festival

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    Famous beach volleyball players in Düsseldorf

    • Cinja Tillman (born 13 July 1991 in Senden)
    • Julius Brink (born 6 July 1982 in Münster)
    • Jonas Reckermann (born 26 May 1979 in Rheine)
    • Svenja Müller (born 13 February 2001 in Dortmund)

    Beach volleyball clubs in Düsseldorf

    • Beachplus Düsseldorf
      This club offers both recreational and competitive players the opportunity to play beach volleyball. There are training times for adults and young people, and there are also opportunities to participate in leagues and tournaments.
    • Düsseldorf Gymnastics and Sports Club (Düsseldorfer TSV)
      This club has several beach volleyball courts and offers training for all ages. There are also opportunities to participate in leagues and tournaments.
    • Beach Volleyball Association of North Rhine-Westphalia
      This association is the state association for beach volleyball in North Rhine-Westphalia. On the website you can find information about beach volleyball clubs in the Düsseldorf region and elsewhere in North Rhine-Westphalia.
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