Beach volleyball courts in Sydney

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    Beach volleyball in Sydney

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    Sydney offers many opportunities to play beach volleyball. The city has several public courts such as the Manly Beach Volleyball Courts and the Maroubra Beach Volleyball Courts, which can be used free of charge. There are also many private clubs such as the Coogee Beach Volleyball Club, which offers professional training and competition facilities. Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympic beach volleyball events at the Sydney Olympic Park Beach Volleyball Stadium, which is still in use today. Sydney thus offers a vibrant beach volleyball scene for players of all abilities and interests.

    Beach Volleyball Events in Sydney

    • Sydney Beach Volleyball Open
      Sydney Beach Volleyball Open is an annual event held in the summer on various beaches in Sydney, attracting both professional and amateur players.
    • Australian Beach Volleyball Tour
      Australian Beach Volleyball Tour is an annual event organized by Volleyball Australia and held at various beaches in Sydney.
    • Bondi Open
    • Bondi Open is an annual event held in November at Bondi Beach in Sydney, attracting both professional and amateur players.
    • Coogee Open
      Coogee Open is an annual event held in January at Coogee Beach in Sydney, attracting both professional and amateur players.
    • Northern Beaches Volleyball Challenge
      Northern Beaches Volleyball Challenge is an annual event organized by the Northern Beaches Volleyball Association and held at various Northern Beaches beaches in Sydney.

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    Famous beach volleyball players in Sydney

    • Nicole Laird (born 18 February 1993 in Sydney)

    Beach volleyball clubs in Sydney

    • Bondi Beach Volleyball Club
    • Coogee Beach Volleyball Club
    • Maroubra Beach Volleyball Club
    • Northern Beaches Volleyball Club
    • Sydney Beach Volleyball Club
    • Sydney Uni Beach Volleyball Club
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