Beach volleyball courts in Vienna

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    Beach volleyball in Vienna

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    Vienna offers beach volleyball fans numerous opportunities to enjoy this exciting sport. There are numerous public beach volleyball courts, including on the Danube Canal, in the Prater or in the Gänsehäufel. There are also many clubs offering beach volleyball, as well as regular tournaments and events such as the Austrian Beach Volleyball Tour. The annual beach volleyball major tournament attracts thousands of fans every year in August. Whether beginner or professional, in Vienna there is a suitable opportunity for every beach volleyball enthusiast to experience this great sport.

    Beach Volleyball Events in Vienna

    • A1 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championships
    • Beach Volleyball Nations Cup 2022
    • Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour

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    Famous beach volleyball players in Vienna

    • Alexander Horst (born December 20, 1982 in Vienna)

    Beach volleyball clubs in Vienna

    • VCN Vienna Beachvolleyball Club
    • Beachvolleyball Club Vienna
    • Beachvolleyball Club Danube Vienna
    • Beachvolleyball Club Prater Vienna
    • Beachvolleyball Club Donauinsel Vienna
    • Beach Volleyball Club Vienna United
    • Beachvolleyball Club 21er Haus Vienna
    • Volleyball Club Vienna
    • Beachvolleyball Club ASKÖ Vienna
    • Beachvolleyball Club Spartakus Vienna
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