Thank you all for a lot of new beach volleyball courts that were submitted in the app. June and July are bringing a few changes that make the app better usable.


First of all, thank you to everyone who diligently sends in court information. With every piece of information, the beach site directory gets a little bit better.

In June and July there were again some useful updates, which we would like to present to you briefly:

Comments on the game

You are a few minutes late? Or you absolutely have to get something off your chest? No problem with the new comment function. All players who are participating in the game (or haven't decided yet) will be informed about your comment.

Add players to groups
If you play several games with the same people, this function comes in handy. You can now not only invite players to a single game, but also add them to the game group. All people in a game group will automatically participate in every game of this group.

Game overview now in full screen

We have redesigned the old game overview. The new game overview opens in full height and width, so there is now more space to display important details about your game. Including comments that have been written.

Performance Updates

We added a few improvements to how the app is loading. Contacts are loading almost instantly now. Comments on games can be written and edited much faster. Joining and canceling a game should be almost instant now too.

View contact details

When you have a game with someone that's not in your contact list, you couldn't add that person to your contact list before. Now you can view details of every contact and - if not in your contact list - add him/her to your contacts.

Better push notification localization

When push notifications contained dates or times, the preferred date/time format of the user receiving the messages were not respected. Now the push notification should read more naturally.



This post will be updated until the end of July. If you want to know what's new, feel free to check back later.