Beach volleyball courts in London

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    Beach volleyball in London

    Beach volleyball is a popular sport in London and the city has a variety of options for recreational and competitive players. A well-known destination for beach volleyball in London is Horse Guards Parade, which hosts the World Volleyball Championships every year. There are also several beaches in the city, such as Southbank Beach and Brentford Beach, which can be used for games. There are also numerous clubs and organized leagues where you can sign up for beach volleyball.

    Beach Volleyball Events in London

    • Horse Guards Parade Beach Volleyball World Championships
    • London Beach Volleyball Series
    • Southbank Beach Volleyball Tournament
    • Brentford Beach Volleyball Festival

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    Famous beach volleyball players in London

    • Zara Dampney
    • Shauna Mullin
    • Jake Sheaf
    • Chris Gregory

    These players have played for Great Britain in international competitions, including the Olympics.

    Beach volleyball clubs in London

    • London Beach Volleyball Club
    • Southbank Beach Volleyball Club
    • Brentford Beach Volleyball Club
    • Horse Guards Parade Beach Volleyball Club
    • Greenwich Beach Volleyball Club
    • Victoria Park Beach Volleyball Club
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