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    The city of Zurich is an important economic center in Switzerland and a popular tourist destination. It is a hub for finance, banking, and multinational companies. Mercer's quality of life survey has regularly ranked Zurich as one of the ten most livable cities in the world. One of the reasons for this is the variety of sports that you can play in the city. One of them is beach volleyball, a sport that is becoming increasingly popular, and Zurich is a perfect city for it. 

    To play beach volleyball, you need two teams of two players and a sand court separated by a net. The goal is to hit the ball over the net and land it in the opponent's court. It's a fast and fun game that doesn't require much preparation. Everything you need to start a game is a ball and a net.

    Want to give it a try but need more players? No problem! With the BeachUp app, you can find other beach volleyball players in Zurich and the surrounding area. You already have teammates but don't know where to play? BeachUp helps you not only to find new players but also to discover new places in your area. And once you've found both players and a court, you can even use BeachUp to organize your various games.

    Although it's called beach volleyball, as mentioned before, you can play it on any sand court, and in Zurich, there are many of them. Some are free, some have a fee, and some are closed to the public and only open to club members. Download the BeachUp app to take a closer look at the different courts in Zurich.

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