After almost a year of planning and development, the first version of BeachUp is now available for download. We tell you what makes BeachUp special and what is planned for the near future.

People playing beach volleyball

After 11 exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking months, the moment has come when we can proudly announce that the first version of BeachUp is available for download in the App Stores. We hope to have done the entire beach volleyball community a favour. BeachUp is meant to solve the following questions and problems that we have had over and over again in the past years:

  •     Where can I actually play beach volleyball?
  •     Who has time to play this week?
  •     How do I organise a replacement?

We think that the current version is already a good start. If you have any wishes or suggestions for improvement, please let us know. The following updates are planned for the next few weeks:

  •     Bug fixes (Unfortunately, bugs can never be completely avoided. So please let us know if you find any bugs)
  •     more possibilities to manage playgroups
  •     Push notifications
  •     Chats and other community features

Most of these features are already in development, but have not yet made it into the first version.

We look forward to your feedback

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