Our first major update is here. Focus: Bug fixes, matchmaking and notifications.
Find out what else is new and what we have planned for June.


Woa, what an exciting first month. We have received a lot of feedback (and bug reports) from you. Many thanks for that! ❤ We incorporated all your feedback directly into the first update. The main focus this month was on bug fixes. But there were also a few first exciting innovations.

Push notifications
Is something important happening? With the new push notification feature, you will be informed as soon as someone cancels or accepts a match. This way you can react quickly and find a replacement. For example, with our matchmaking function.

Not enough players? No problem! Search for players in the BeachUp Community. You can specify whether you prefer to play in women's or men's teams and what level of play your team mates should have. Players who fit these criteria can join your game. No more booked seats and no more people should be the motto. Yea!

Improved picture selection
We, as well as the whole community, are happy to see nice pictures of places where we can play. To make this easier we have optimised the picture selection. If you have any problems with the new selection, please let us know.

What's next?

If you like the app, give us feedback on what you'd like to see next. BeachUp is a community app, so the community should decide what should happen next. Also, every incoming email motivates us immensely.

Matchmaking (again..)
Never again too few people to beach. That is the declared goal of the journey. With this update we are closer to the goal, but still only halfway there. We will be releasing further improvements in the coming months.

Earn points when you add a new place or update information about a new place. Members who are particularly active in the course directory will appear in the Hall of Fame and will be rewarded. With what? We don't know yet, but one thing is clear: it will be great!

It would be great if you could chat about a game. Especially if new players want to join my game who I can't contact otherwise. Right? Right! That's why work on the chat feature is already in full swing.